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A better way to monitor your sites

ScreenShotApp takes screenshots of your website or webapp at defined schedules. If the screenshots appear different, you get notified immediately.

This helps identify issues that are not caught by traditional monitoring.

  • Database Errors
  • Missing CSS
  • Missing Web Fonts
  • Missing JS
  • CDN Errors
  • Expired SSL Certificates


ScreenShotApp has a number of features to customize screenshots.

Quick Start

No installation or coding required. Just enter URLs and define schedule.

Change Detection

If the screenshots are different than previous data, you get notified immediately.

Multiple Resolutions

Option to pick from mobile browser resolutions to full HD desktops.

Javascript Support

Screenshotapp loads and runs all javascript code before taking a screenshot.

Flash and HTML5 Support

Screenshotapp loads all flash and HTML5 objects before taking a screenshot.

Delayed Screenshots

Option to take screenshot X seconds after loading site. Useful for skipping animations or preloaders.

Multiple Browsers

See how your site appears on different desktop, mobile and tablet browsers.

Dropbox Integration

Link your dropbox account with 1 click and save all screenshots automatically to dropbox.

S3 Integration

You can also save screenshots directly to your S3 bucket.


No Contracts. No commitments.


$9.99 / month

  • 300 Screenshots
  • Up to 300 unique URLs
  • All resolutions
  • All browsers
  • Email support


$29.99 / month

  • 1000 Screenshots
  • Up to 1000 unique URLs
  • All resolutions
  • All browsers
  • Email support